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Ladies Who Lift is an all-female strength training workshop and class aimed to educate, empower, and inspire women of all shapes, sizes, fitness, and lifting backgrounds.

Offered at two different levels, Ladies Who Lift provides the opportunity to both learn the basics and then perfect these skills all while guaranteeing a badass workout using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, prowlers, and more.



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It is undisputed that the best way to lose weight, build lean muscle, and boost your metabolism is to lift weights. Unfortunately, most women shy away from lifting weights due to the (untrue!) belief that it will make them "too bulk," or for fear of executing these movements wrong and injuring themselves. Ladies Who Lift Level 1 guarantees to debunk even the scariest of myths or fears one might have about weight lifting. Come join this all-female strength-training workout and learn to lift in a way that will promise to lean and strengthen your body - putting you on the right track to reach your goals whether they be strength, aesthetic, health, or performance based!

Class will include a lifting workshop where we will breakdown essential movements, followed by a calorie-blasting workout filled with squats, deadlifts, bench presses, kettlebell swings, and more.

The class seeks to leave attendees not only with a better knowledge of strength training and the self-confidence to weight lift, but also to build a new community of strong, inspired women like yourself.

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You have learned the basics-now come put them to work! Ladies Who Lift Level 2 is for past Ladies Who Lift attendees or more advanced students, who wish to put their lifting skills and techniques to use in a 1 hour long strength training class.

Ladies Who Lift Level 2 offers the unique experience of an all female strength training class that utilizes barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, deadlift platforms, prowlers, and more (you won't be seeing any pink weights in here!) to strengthen and empower your body and mind. 

Come reconnect with the Ladies Who Lift community and get a killer workout. 


Rae Reichlin:


Coach of LEVEL 1 & 2


Rae Reichlin created Ladies who Lift after watching many of her female clients have the physical and mental breakthroughs they never thought possible through learning to lift properly and with confidence.

Having experienced it herself, Rae understands the fear, apprehension, and misinformation, that can sometimes come along with lifting and getting stronger, and wanted to create a space and environment where women felt comfortable to come together to learn and perfect this method of training.

Ladies who Lift promotes empowerment through pushing one's own boundaries, and being there for others who are trying to do the same. By educating women about each of their bodies needs and impressive capabilities Ladies who Lift aims to leave attendees ready to lead happy, healthy, connected lives.

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Erin is a StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Barbell Instructor and NASM-Certified Personal Trainer. She discovered her passion for lifting a decade ago at an old school bodybuilding gym, inspired by a handful of strong women who trained there. Three years ago, Erin fell in love with kettlebell training. Her favorite part of being a trainer is empowering her clients to achieve what they once thought was impossible and crush self-doubt. When she isn’t at the gym, Erin is spending time with her pup Gabe and husband Michael, going to rock concerts and unapologetically eating cookies.