Custom Online Training

Custom Online Training


Train with Ladies who Lift virtually THROUGH CUSTOM online training programs.


  • 4 week training program completely customized for your goals, abilities, and available equipment.

  • Access to program via APP or desktop where you can track your progress, upload videos, and talk to your coach anytime.

  • Video demos of movements assigned.

  • Access to coach for form check, questions, and concerns.

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What will my workouts look like?

-What your program will consist of will depend on your goals, the equipment available to you,  your level of experience with training, and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to your workouts. All workouts will be based in strength training and lifting, and depending on client might include more dynamic movements, sprints,

Why am I repeating the same workouts for 4 weeks?

You will follow your program for 4 weeks before we switch your workouts up. We do this because if your goal is to build your best physique, or build strength, you should not be doing a new workout every time you train. To grow muscle (and in turn burn fat) you need to be focusing on PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD, which calls for repeating workouts.

You don’t prescribe any cardio, how much cardio should I be doing?

-I will not prescribe additional cardio outside of your workouts. If you like cardio-go for it, but know that it may interfere with your sessions. It may leave you feeling overly tired, or not let your muscles adapt to the training and physique we are trying to build. I would recommend 2-3 30-40 minute “relaxing” cardio sessions a week if your program does not involve any.

My goals have changed/I have changed gyms/im going on vacation

-life happens! and we can work with this. the best part of custom online training is that it is CUSTOM, and an open line of communication.