Small Private Group Training

Small Private Group Training


Ladies Who Lift semi-private group training will take your training, strength, and fitness goals to the next level. With a cap at 9 ladies per group, you will get the individualized attention you want and need to improve your motivation, accountability, fitness results, and overall strength for a truly superior workout experience.

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  • 6-week program meeting in person 2x/week

  • A private library of workouts to complete on your own.

  • Shopping list of recommended foods.

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Mondays & Thursdays @ 7:00pm



WEEK 1: July 23RD & 26TH

WEEK 2: July 30TH & August 2ND

WEEK 3: August 6TH & 9TH

WEEK 4: August 20TH & 23RD

WEEK 5: August 27TH & 30TH

WEEK 6: September 3RD & 6TH


Atlas Performance Logan
2080 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


  • Macro guidelines & suggestions
  • Weight and body measurements


  • "I absolutely love the small group training with Rae because it allows for me to get my butt kicked twice a week with other strong ladies.  Rae does a great job of providing  in the moment feedback, so I can improve my form and lift heavier each week.  Having the personalized workouts to do on my own has been incredible- I am learning new exercises, pushing myself in the gym on my own, and know that I am reaching my goals because Rae tailored the workouts for these goals!  I leave every session feeling stronger physically and mentally!  Lifting heavy stuff twice a week with Rae is honestly one of the best parts of my week."
  • "Being a part of the small group training with Ladies who Lift has totally changed my workout regime. I no longer have to waste my time aimlessly at the gym. Rae provided me with six individual workouts and macro guidelines to help me reach my health and fitness goals. During our small group training all the ladies are focused and committed, and Rae pushes us each week to improve our form, lift heavier, and get stronger! Can’t wait to do round 2!"


    "I really can’t explain loud enough how much this class has helped me. This takes everything we learn in level one and two to an extra level and has helped shape my strength training in ways I never thought possible. Rae’s intuitive and creative workouts to improve our small group lifting are lessons I look forward to using from now on. I am excited to keep going to small Group training!!"