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Finally a group of great ladies who just want to get down to it and lift! Rae keeps it real, with no frills and challenging sets. She has done more than set up some workouts, she's started a little community of like minded ladies who are ready to be their best! Ladies Who Lift is a must if you want a positive environment to lift some heavy sh*t!

- Kelly Madeline D.

Rae is an amazing teacher and coach. All of the movements were explained clearly, and modifications were always offered. She also made sure to check up on everyone as we were working out, and encouraged everyone along the way! This class is a blast. Strong, bad-ass babes cheering one another on, and her playlists are on point!

- Celina F.

I signed up and showed up solo, not knowing exactly what to expect. The class included a variety of exercises with the focus on strength - without neglecting cardio and abs, a badass community of strong women, and an inclusive, supportive, knowledgeable instructor. The perfect class. DO IT. You won’t regret it!

- Jessi B.

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The Ladies Who Lift Level 1 class is the perfect way to learn to lift if you have never done so before. If you have lifted or taken her class before it is a great way to work on your personal goals and make new friends! Rae has created this strong and positive atmosphere for all of these ladies. Thanks Rae!

- Bianca B.

Such a great event by Rae. You can tell she is so passionate about knowledgeable about what she does, and it came through in every interaction she has throughout this event. I've been lifting for a little over a year now, and I still learned some extremely helpful tips and information that I know I'll be using in my future workouts (form, quality of reps, etc). I can't wait to sign up for LWL level 2.

- Ellen H.

My friends and I went for Rae's level 1 class. We loved it. The class is very informative and even if you are a lifter, it helps you re-learn and get better. The workout is a lot of fun and Rae is a phenomenal instructor. Rae has a vision to get together women who might be intimidated by lifting weights to learn and defy myths. She implements this vision beautifully with her ladies who lift concept. The class atmosphere is very very encouraging and inspiring. My friends and I will def be back for more with Rae.

- Radhika L.

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September's Level 2 Ladies Who Lift class was awesome! Rae is always very hands on and gives great feedback about your workout technique. I deadlifted a PR again at this class and have Rae's guidance to thank for helping me to do so! I'll be back again!

- Jennifer L.

This was my first Ladies Who Lift Level 2 class and it honestly exceeded all my expectations, it was an amazing experience. I know plenty of people have said this, but it cannot be said enough, Rae is an incredible teacher. She has great energy, she's extremely helpful and encouraging and most importantly, no matter what your skill level is, she makes you feel like a badass. She also has an amazing photographer who comes in and takes awesome pictures, she stays in the background for the most part, but occasionally she cheered us on and asked how we were doing, which was very thoughtful. I also had the opportunity to work out with two other amazing ladies, they were very encouraging and pushed me to lift my heaviest, which I really appreciated. I'm a big fan of this class and of the community Rae has worked very hard to build. Can't wait for the next class!

- Dennise S.

Level 2 was just as great as level 1. A challenging workout for sure. I am definitely on the beginner end of fitness and Rae was such a great help giving me modifications for moves I'm not quite strong enough to do yet. Not to mention the fact you're surrounded by inspiring ladies who all want to kick ass.

- Genevieve S.

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